Artis, The Shaper

Played By Ganurath

Divine Rank 3

Classes: Focused Transmuter 5, Geometer 5, Effigy Master 5, Maester 5, Green Star Adept 2

Symbol: A sewing needle and a stylus crossed over an anvil.

Home: None, Travels Material Plane

Alignment: Neutral Good

Domains: Craft Domain, Good Domain

Portfolio: Crafts

Favored Weapon: Forge Hammer

Brief Description: Artis was born of the dreams of a mortal, the man who would become the first blacksmith. His culture believed that there was a muse for every art, her appearance and personality shaped by the artform she inspired. The man yearned to create, and was inspired by the visage of a woman clad in a mix of leather and plate armor, her hair tied back and skin tanned by forgefire. Thus, the muse of crafts was made to be.

Her existence was soon amplified, as the entire culture needed guidance. All of the other muses had focused on the impractical arts, but were united by the envy of this upstart's power, and converged upon her. The shapeless mass of unfocused passions would have been a destructive force, just as any work of art without a clear message could be malign. However, the upstart Goddess was an inspired being, and she directed the destructive force into something with a positive use: A forge hammer.

And so, the muses of a backward culture were replaced by the Shaper, Artis. She seeks to create more, build more, inspiring mortals to new heights, sometimes by example. Mostly she keeps to the people who's dreams gave birth to her, but if another mortal seeks inspiration she will not hesitate to offer aid.

Of course, all of the above is the dogma of her followers. While they have her personality accurately portrayed, her origins are simply theory born of allegorical ancedote.

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