Rainbow Dragon-1-
Namtar, The Burning Destroyer

Played By Rizban
(DR:5, Evo:2) Wizard 6/Psion 4/Cerebremancer 10/Athasian Dragon 6
Symbol: A sunburst of of primary and tertiary colors, a burning eye in the center
Home: The Burning Cavern in The Shining Lands
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Chromatic Dragon, Evil
Portfolio: Chromatic Dragons
Favored Weapon: Longsword

Namtar is the equal to Martu in all things save prestige. Though equal in power magical, psionic, and divine, he is less well respected amongst non-dragons. He received the Blessing of Dragonkind at the same time as Martu, but by being spoken to second, his position as being lesser was forever sealed. While he does not resent this, many of his followers do. Granted the powers of Athasian by Minrhet, he created the Athasian Dragons, known more commonly amongst mortals as Chromatic Dragons due to their bright coloration yet dull scales. Namtar's ultimate goal is to subjugate the world to serve dragonkind and his master Minrhet.

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