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Solaron, The Shining Light

Played by planswalker
(DR:9, Evo:2) Cleric 24 / Master of Radiance 5 / Sacred Purifier 5
Symbol: A golden lantern with a starburst of light coming from it
Home: Conviction (formerly, the Shining Lands)

Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Sun, Joy, Good

Portfolio: Sun, Hope

Favored Weapon: Heavy Mace

Brief Description:
Solaron was formed of the TrueLight from the Heart of the Sun, a potent coalescence of the light and energy of life. When he first burst forth from the surface of the Sun and gained sentience, he saw the world, and thought it seemed a rather dark and dreary place. He went down to there in the form of a brilliant sphere of light, shining with incredible brilliance but little heat. In this form, he traveled across the entire world in 1 day, keeping up with the high noon sun. He found that the world was a place of shadows, even at midday, with light and dark vying for dominance at all times. He found the world to be a place that was basically good, but needed help if it was going to thrive as it should.

Then he decided to explore the night, the time ruled by the moon. He hid his brilliance within the form of a metal orb. He found this aspect of the world to be far less pleasing. It was far too dark and cold. When he came across a particularly powerful undead in the lands of Despair, he felt a coldness that was completely alien to him. He could not stand it and struck out against this coldness with a fervor born from instinct. This outpouring of power cracked his iron shell, and the brilliant beams of his true form shone through. He developed an antipathy for the undead born of an elemental opposition to his polar opposite. He now seeks to guide the world to embrace the light and shun the night and all those things born of it, especially the undead.

He seeks to teach his followers the value of life and light, and he exhorts all efforts to cleanse places of darkness. He believes that all life is sacred, and seeks to encourage all to live in harmony. He divides his time between wandering the earth in a sphere of brilliant light, teaching those willing to listen to his teachings, and returning to his birthplace, the Sun.

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