Celestials are the native beings of the heavenly plane of Heliopolis. They were created by the sun-god Aevum before his death, and embodied law and righteousness as he willed. They were decimated during the attack on Heliopolis, and only a handful survived, fleeing to the material plane at their lord's insistence. Many of them have also lost their will to live due to the severing of their connection with their god, which they find physically and emotionally painful. Others have always relied on feeling their lord's will to make decisions and now that they lack an inherent understanding for what is right, have been thrown into confusion and moral quandary. With free-will for the first time, they have had to choose for themselves what to do, and some have had a very difficult time of it. Since the death of Aevum and the destruction of the Sun Which Was, most celestials have joined with the new sun gods Solaron and Minrhet.

Celestials were once all members of the angelic host... a strict but kind hierarchy of angels who each knew and understood their place. The host was broken up into seven choirs, each with a single angel at it's head... with Aevum himself as the ultimate ruler of them all. Now, the choirs are broken, and the host is scattered throughout the world, most angels acting as independent forces.

Physically, celestials are magestic and beautiful creatures. They appear as tall humanoids bathed in holy light, with large bird-like wings that sweep out from their backs. They are beautiful almost without fail, and their very appearance brings awe in lesser beings. Their emotions radiate from them, and are almost impossible to hide. Usually, such emotions are peaceful and benevolent, inspiring hope and comfort in those around them. An angel's wrath is terrifying to behold, and few mortals can bring themselves to stand against it. Likewise, an angel in misery or mourning is like a mire of despair that pulls in everyone around it, and can lead as far as complete detachment or suicide. As such, angels can be some of the most inspiring and uplifting, or unintentionally destructive beings upon creation.