Dance of Decay Granted Power: Death touch as Death domain. When creature is killed, it rapidly ages and turns to dust.
Dance of Decay Domain Spells: 1. Return to the Earth: Turns dead and undead bodies into dust.
2. Rusting Grasp: Your touch corrodes iron and alloys.
3. Desiccate: Deals 1d6/2 levels dessication damage and dehydrates living creature.
4. Acid Rain: Conjures an acidic shower.
5. Sands of TimeF: Reverses or accelerates aging of a nonliving object.
6. Disintegrate: Makes one creature or object vanish.
7. Destruction: Kills subject and destroys remains.
8. Power Word, Blind: Blinds 200 hp worth of creatures.
9. Time Stop: You act freely for 1d4+1 rounds.