"WAAAAAAGH!" -Orkish Warcry

Despair is, above all, a land of fear. The fear of the legions of the dead, whose footsteps shake the earth with their numbers. The fear of the ork hordes, whose fearsome WAAAAGHs have wiped entire cities off the map. The fear of the various beasts that stalk the land, looking for unwary travelers to kill...

But for the moment, the land is locked in an uneasy truce. The gnomes glower from behind their vast ramparts of adamant, as if daring the dangers of the land to break themselves against their defenses. The Liches have fallen back into their dark cities, pursuing their own black agenda. And the orks are unusually quiet after their surprising defeat at the hands of a genasi city in the north.

But such moments of calm are few and far between. In the depths of the city of Grindforge, great Colossi take shape - giants of iron to crush the foes of the gnomish people. The rituals of the Liches near completion, and an evil powerful beyond words takes its shape. And the orks... are orks. Defeat has never kept them down for long. Eventually, a new Boss will rise, and the orks will march again.

Important Locations in DespairEdit

The Green LandsEdit

Home of the orks, goblins, and other "greenskins" that form the Ork nation.


A city of the Iron Gnomes.


The city of the undead once ruled by the Dread Tyrants. The Tyrants have just recently been slain by a newborn deity, the Skull Knight, created by the fusion of the souls of numerous powerful liches.