"To the State, give all. From its enemies, take all." -Genasi propaganda poster

True to its name, Fury is a land ruled by righteous vengeance. Once the seat of the cruel and capricious elemental lords, the Great Revolution of the genasi people has done something nigh-unheard of... the genasi have defied the gods.

Now, they have covered their lands in a great shroud. This "Steel Veil" blocks all their actions from the prying eyes of the divinities they loathe so badly. Thus hidden, they have raised one of the fiercest armies on Planet. Armed with a unshakable conviction in the justness of their cause, they intend to march forth and spread the teachings of Marcoism to comrades across the world. By force, if need be.

This army has lain dormant for years, but it has begun to stir once more. Mutterings of outrage spread like wildfire at the news of divine encroachment on Hope, and after a sudden illness, the Premiere has been replaced by a military council. At the roof of the world, the genasi make ready for war.

Important Locations on FuryEdit