Typhus by Eric Louchard

Kython, The Eternal Plague

Played By Mike_The_Mystic

(DR:5) Wizard 16, Fighter 10

Symbol: A pustulent, bloated light green fist

Home: Haljir

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Domains: Pestilence, Balance

Portfolio: Sickness Favored

Weapon: Great Sword

Brief Description: Kython is a loving, kind god. His body is in the shape of a man, covered in leprous sores and large, pus-bloated blisters. His skin is a deep green, with golden yellow eyes. His body type is considered "chubby" in the mortal world, but in Kython's mind, he's fun-sized, to appeal to all masses. He is a caring god to his followers, who love him for giving them immunity to the diseases he must spread upon the world. Why must he? Because in balance, we must have life AND death. Those who survive his sicknesses will become immune, and thus Kython must make more diseases to weed out the sick and weary, to release them from their pitiable existance