Nedain, Hero of the Advent

"To those who animate death, hear me! I, a being of life and mind, challenge you! By rite of arms shall we find the greater!"

Nedain's challenge to the god of Death.


A member of the proud Faeli race, she was amongst the first to be created on Hope. When the Living Dead began attacking the living, Nedain quickly answered the rally of the gods and fought alongside with them against the threat. Though the living and the gods fought valliantly, the waves of the Living Dead seemed endless. Deciding to change tactics, Nedain called out a challenge to the one who had sent the threat against the living, and the god of Death replied by accepting her challenge.

Stepping alone into the Freiherr's domain, the moon, mortal and god began to fight. Though Nedain was clearly out-powered and being toyed with by the god of Death, she stubbornley refused to give up, eventually landing a blow upon her opponent. Infuriated that a lowly mortal would even manage to land a single blow on him, the Freiherr decides that he has had enough, and wanting Nedain to taste true despair, he sent the Moon hurdling towards the world, its collision course threatening to end all life in a single blow.

Even though she was running out of time, Nedain did not despair however. Knowing that she was the world's only hope, she found renewed power, and as the Freiherr attacked, she ripped one of the Moon's mountains, known as Moon's Tooth, and throwing it with all her might, impaled the god of Death, effectivly killing him, blowing up half the moon and halting its collision course on the world. Having won her battle, Nedain returned to the world she loved so much, where she finally succumbed to her wounds.

To this day, her grave and her antlers can be found in the Faeli lands of Hope.