"Keep moving forward." -Ashcroft Foundation, Company Motto

"United we Stand" - so reads the inscription on the thousands of coins churned out by Alliance mints. A phrase remarkably fitting for the motley collection of individuals that live on Progress.

The Five Nations, together with their advisory member from the gnomish residents of Coloslius, have formed a grand Alliance of peoples. Progress is a civilized land - the wild forests and rolling hills have long since vanished into orchards and roads. Cities spring up and sprawl along neat, planned guidelines. Great factories churn forth everyday goods to ease the life of the citizenry. Schools and universities pass knowledge from one generation to the next. People of all races - saerite, gnome, dwarf, and faeli light and dark - mingle freely, and without prejudice.

But all is not well. After a string of attacks from the forces of darkness, many members of the alliance have grown wary of outsiders. The reports of spies turn up disturbing evidence that the long-standing espionage war between Progress and Fury could soon boil over. And the enigmatic leader of the equally secretive Pinnacle Corporation manipulates events towards his own ends...

Important Locations in ProgressEdit