Roygbv the Prime

Prismatic Dragon by mariecannabis-1-

"Greetings, fellow creature of Light. I sense that you have lost your way, and have fallen to sorrow since the death of the Sun and the One who had created it. Do not give in to Despair! I come from a new Creator, Lord Solaron, Born from the Sun Which Was. He has come into the world to redeem it, and he shall restore the Light and Hope to the world."

The first among prismatic dragons, Roygbv is the herald and missionary of Solaron into the World Material. When the Sun Which Was was destroyed, he sought out all creatures of the Light in an attempt to unite them under Solaron's banner so that they might endure until a new sun could be created. It was he would found the kobolds and claimed them for the Light, bringing them to Conviction and creating in them the first sparks of hope.