Field Marshal "Screechy" Barahaha, the Mercenary General

"Attack to kill me! The successor of the mountain town want!" Screechy's command which started the G.G. Wars

As the Goblins were expelled from the Green Lands, home of the Halflings, they quickly adapted to the harsh enviroment of Despair by banding together, with the notion that saftey in numbers would save them from the Living Dead who wandered around the land. It was thus that the Great Goblin Empire was founded on the Mountains of Despair. Through a series of mis-communication, the Goblins instigated a war with the Iron Gnomes of Grindforge. And thus, when the Iron Gnomes brought their flying cities to attack the Big City under the command of Admiral Magistrate Nicabod, capital of the Goblin Empire, the Goblin Senate left the defence of the capital to the capable hands of their greatest general, Field Marshal "Screechy" Barahaha.

Nicknamed "Screechy" by his troops due to his annoying voice, Screechy took command of the situation and quickly prooved to be a thorn in the Iron Gnome's side, as Screechy was perfectly happy to send Goblins strapped with explosives to attack the enemy, and even going as far as blowing up the entire Goblin capital, just as the Gnomes were about to take it. This was just the 1st G.G War, and soon, these wars ended up as a personall vendetta between Screecy and Nicabod. Finally during the 6th and final G.G. War, just as Nicabod had managed to gather all of Grindforge's forces in order to crush the Goblins once and for all, the opportunistic Dracoliches found that moment to lay seige to the Gnomish capital on Despair, forcing Nicabod to retreat. However, the Goblin's joy was short lived, as their empire was swiftly crushed by the Orcish invasion from the North. Screechy himself surrendered on behalf of the Empire, yet he would still have his revenge.Manipulating the Orcs, Screechy convinced them to attack his arch-rivals, the Iron Gnomes who were being beseiged by the Living Dead. The Orcs, simply looking for a fight oblidged Screechy and attacked Grindforge.

Several years later, Screechy, along with a contigency of Goblins, following the Orcish defeat at the hands of the Genasi, defected to the North, and while the Goblins established the Goblin Empire in Exile, Screechy gladly joined the UGGC military ranks as the Mercenary General, and began teaching the Genasi of Fury the art of Goblin warfare.