"Shine the Light." -Arctic Faeli greeting

Hanging in the skies of Planet, the Solar Ring is a testament and eternal reminder of the power of the Radiant Conclave. When the Pantheon of Sin snuffed the Old Sun so many years ago, the Solar Ring was built as a replacement.

Vast almost beyond imagining, the Ring is a great machine, designed by the Lady Klashanna and assembled through the efforts of the entire Conclave. Its day-to-day functions are managed by the Pyrodents - hard-working, rat-like humanoids with a knack for fixing things.

It is here that the Radiant Conclave bases their power. Here that they hold their meetings. Here that they house their legions. Should the forces of Darkness wish to openly assault Planet, they will have to deal first with the awesome power of the Ring... and those who wield it.