Sordend, the Old Man, the Ancient Librarian, the Uncaring Watcher, Knower of Secrets, Keeper of Stories, and Wordsmith of all Time and Space

Played By Croverus

(DR:9) Wizard 12, Cleric 12, Loremaster 10

Symbol: An open book

Home: The Library

Alignment: True Neutral

Domains: Primary: Knowledge, Secondary: Indifference Portfolio: Libraries, Secrets

Weapon: Quarterstaff

Brief Description: Sordend sits in his private plane simply observing the events of the multiverse where he can, keeping volumes of records of everything that happens in the world. His private plane, The Library, contains millions of tomes filled with history of people, places, creatures and events. He also learns the secrets of other deities, but for no reason other than knowing it. He does not share these secrets freely and indeed he cannot be bothered to actually involve himself in the affairs of mortals and other deities. Until recently.

He appears as an old man, impossibly ancient with bone-thin limbs and very wrinkly skin. He has a wispy thin white beard and mustache that hides his mouth and his eyes are obscured by thick spectacles. He's bald, and hunches over under his gray cloak. He takes his time and often leans on his cane as he carries tomes from shelf to shelf. Though he also recently created drones to assist and many books will shelve themselves magically.