Name: The Murdered Man, The Cutthroat, The Gargoyle King
Played By: Lord Asmodeus
DR: 1, 9 Duskblade/9HD Gargoyle
Symbol: A grinning head with a dagger punched through upward through their jaw, through the top of their head
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Hatred, Chaos
Portfolio Element: Killing
Favored Weapon: Dagger or Knife (including short swords and Dirks)
Description: The Murdered Man is just what he sounds to be. He was a man, a human, who was murdered in his home long after having fled his would be murderers. They tracked him down into Despair, and slit his throat, but it was to their own misfortune for The Murdered Man, though dead, had found the tools to exact revenge, and his murderers became the first victims of his death.
The Murdered Man appears as a somewhat tall man with dark hair, swathed in fairly ostentatious robes. His throat bleeds eternally where it was cut, and though The Murdered Man is almost always grinning in the cheer of his own gallows humor, his grey eyes are dead, and hollow. His skin is pale from death, and he always clutches a completely black knife in one hand it's long and curved with a long handle and a long hilt, each side curving slightly in a different direction. In his other arm he holds a vast grimoire, held in the crook of his arm. Nobody knows what the tome contains, but many speculate it was the aims of his search which allowed him to take vengeance upon his foes and ride to his current divinity.
Another notable form of the Murdered Mans is a cruel looking Gargoyle. When he becomes a gargoyle, his hands and fingers elongate, the swaddling of robes become the membranous wings, his face elongates and becomes something like a cross between a fruit bat and a wolf, with neelde fangs and a long worm-like tongue, his once arms now wings end in powerful claws upon which he can hold himself and fight. He grows powerful reptilian legs that can grip and tear, and a sinuous serpentine tail, his cut throat remains, dripping blood that is now thicker and darker than in his humanoid form, his eyes keep the same dead vacant look, completely unchanging, and his pallid skin turns into the gray of stone, his hide becoming thick as stone and stronger than any metal.